Luxury Rail Travel regrets to inform our friends and customers that due to Amtrak’s new rules and tariffs, we have taken the option of closing our doors. We feel that Richard Anderson, the CEO of Amtrak, has done a great disservice to the travelling public and to those who own and operate historic private rail cars by limiting operational possibilities and hiking prices to the point that operation of these cars is close to uneconomical. Unfortunately, Amtrak is pretty much the only game in town for such operations and therefore, the opportunity to operate, ride and enjoy this wonderful form of transportation is greatly diminished.

It is our hope that when Anderson leaves Amtrak, a new CEO will see the value of these types of operation (both financial and as a method of goodwill and historical preservation) and will develop a more customer friendly attitude towards those who choose to ride in the style of yesteryear.

We hope that one day we may again serve those who choose to experience such travel and should the situation change, we’ll be back. Until then, safe travels wherever it may lead you.

Russell Swinnerton, William Shortall, & Heather Walters

Luxury Rail Travel