USRA 55 Ton 2 Bay Hopper Car


Now available from Reading Car Company, the USRA 2 bay 55 ton hopper kit covers a wide range of railroads on both sides of the USA.

Arriving on the scene prior to WW1, the 50 or 55 ton steel hopper cars were some of the earliest all-steel cars to arrive on American railroads and eventually numbered over 25,500 cars (including variants). These cars soldiered on through the 1950s hauling coal from the mountains to the dealers and power plants.

Many railroads owned these cars, so they’ll work well no matter what railroad you model. Our model is based on the Reading Railroad HTh class hopper. Our car dimensions are taken from original blueprints and also from a restored car located on the Allentown & Auburn Railroad in eastern Pennsylvania. There are many variations, even amongst the same railroad’s fleet and we couldn’t hope to cover them all, so we encourage you to “kitbash” our kits to suit your particular home road. Railroads using cars like this include: Philadelphia & Reading (Reading), Pennsylvania Railroad, Shamut, Lackawanna, Frisco, New York Central, Santa Fe, Union Pacific, and many more!

Assembling our kit is easy, but will require some basic skills in welding and metalworking. This kit should go together easily and with some care, can be a museum quality model. We recommend Tom Bee trucks for our model to bring couplers to the correct height, but any trucks can be substituted with some minor modifications. This kit should be ready for paint and decals within a week’s worth of evenings.

We may also have “ready to run” models available from our online store. (We don’t take pre-orders for RTR cars so as not to disappoint customers when delays occur, but we will let you know when RTR cars are available for purchase)

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USRA 55 Ton Hopper Kit
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